Why Vegan?

Every year 53 billion nonhuman animals are slaughtered for their meat, dairy and eggs. These animals are treated as no more than economic commodities, and because of this are often treated in absolutely appalling ways. Many animals live in factory farms in filthy, crowded conditions. They live a life much shorter then they would naturally, for example, dairy cows are slaughtered when they are only 5-10 years old (they can naturally live to be 25 years old).

Even on free range farms, these animals are murdered as soon as they reach an economic weight, or stop producing milk/ eggs.

A lot of people don’t understand how drinking milk or eating eggs contributes to animal suffering. In order for a cow to become pregnant she must have a baby. The milk she produces would naturally go to her calf. But because humans want to drink this milk, the calf is either sent to slaughter immediately, killed on farm or kept as a herd replacement. The dairy cows are prone to diseases such as mastitis, are often subjected to painful mutilations and are sent to slaughter as soon as they stop producing milk. Click here to learn more.

In order to get laying hens, you need to breed hens. Half of these will be born as male rosters. Because roosters don’t lay eggs, these day old chicks are gassed, minced or suffocated within only hours of being alive. This happens in all systems, whether battery farmed, barn laid or free range. The hens are often debeaked using a red hot blade, which causes chronic pain. As soon as the hens stop laying they are slaughtered. All hens end up at the same slaughterhouse, free range or not. Click here to learn more.

Even in the most ‘humane’ conditions, one fundamental question remains. How can we justify treating animals as commodities, as nothing more than property? Almost everyone recognises that human slavery is morally wrong. We recognise that one individual should not own another. As well as the theoretical reasons that the property status of animals is wrong, there are many more practical reasons that animals should not be property.

Going vegan is great for your health, the planet and most importantly the animals.  Click here to learn how easy being vegan can be.